Indicates wether something is a specialized type.

  1. template isSpecializedType(T)
    template isSpecializedType (
    ) {
    enum isSpecializedType;
  2. template isSpecializedType(alias T)

Return Value

If the input argument is a type or a variable declaration for a type that's an complete specialization of a template then true is returned. In all the other cases (build-in types, non templatized aggregates or aliases to partially specialized templates, false.


1 class A(T){}
2 static assert(isSpecializedType!(A!int));
3 class B(T,TT){}
4 alias PartialB(T) = B!int;
5 static assert(!isSpecializedType!PartialB);
6 static assert(isSpecializedType!(B!(int,void)));
7 static assert(!isSpecializedType!int);